Language services

Laura Sánchez Traduccions, gestió de projectes lingüístics  (language and translation project management) is a recently founded, multidisciplinary and dynamic business that offers language-related services and comprehensive project management for translations, sworn translations, website translations, localisation, correction, transcription, voice-overs and typing services.


Comprehensive language services

We live in an increasingly internationalised and competitive society and, as a result, if individuals, businesses and organisations from around the world want to grow and reach new markets, they need to be able to communicate in any language in an agile and economic manner. It is for this reason that Laura Sánchez Traduccions, gestió de projectes lingüístics offers you our language services, making them available to you with the most advanced technology.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals and specialists will work directly with you to guarantee the best results, whatever the nature of your project.

Laura Sánchez Traduccions is your language partner. We help you eliminate barriers with a comprehensive solution that responds to all your communication requirements, providing top-quality service with flexible terms that adapt to your needs, at a very competitive price.

Traducció jurada i especialitzada

Sworn and specialised translations

General and specialised translation service and sworn translations of all documents that need to be legally certified: academic transcripts, diplomas and certificates, documents certified by a notary public, legal resolutions, financial reports, etc. We work with translators who have been accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Generalitat de Catalunya or a relevant competent body.

Traducció web i localització

Website translation and localisation

Website content translation services and the localisation of IT applications. We can either work directly on the platform or with text files. We specialise in developing multi-language websites with WordPress Multilingual (WPML). We work with the collaboration of SEO experts in order to improve the positioning of your website.

Correcció i assessorament lingüístic

Language correction and consulting

SA service for correcting spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as proofreading and editing all kinds of text. We offer the maximum end quality of your research projects, doctoral dissertations, catalogues, web content, articles, commercial communications, etc. Editing and review of machine-translated texts. Correction of galleys (proofs made with printer’s type before page composition). Linguistic advice and specialised consulting services.

Transcripció i digitalització

Transcription and digitalisation

Digitalisation and processing of files with OCR software, transcription of audio and video files of different recordings: interviews, meetings, conferences, oral proceedings, expert evidence, etc. Our technical team can manage projects recorded on cassette, CD, DVD, .avi, .mov, .mp3, .mp4 and other digital formats.

Suport integral

Comprehensive support

This is a service created especially for anyone who does not speak Spanish or Catalan but who occasionally needs to carry out procedures with institutions, entities, universities or businesses in Spain or Catalonia. The service includes making telephone calls, translating emails and writing short documents.

A complete range of quality language services.

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